Vintage 1960s Gretsch 6156 Playboy Boutique Tube Guitar Amp   Excellent Sound


Vintage 1960s Gretsch 6156 Playboy Boutique Tube Guitar Amp   Excellent Sound

 Vintage 1960's Gretsch 6156 Playboy Boutique Tube Guitar Amp - Excellent Sound

Item is in good condition and sounds great. It was looked at by a professional who said it may take $100 or less to get it back to perfect sound quality. He did mention that one of the vacuum tubes may need replaced as well as some minor work with the horn. This is a very boutique piece and has been used by many artists. A full professional review from the Gretsch pages can be found in the item description. All Knobs and dials are in place. The vinyl amp cover is in great shape. It does have one small tear on the lower front. The screen looks fantastic, as does the affixed Gretsch logo!

Item will have a $25.95 shipping charge. We will only ship within the US. Thanks
Gretsch G 6156 Playboy

It's time I wrote up some thoughts on this amp where they can be
found and be useful to anyone considering an amp...especially a boutique

First, I must give my impression as objectively as possible: this thing is absolutely brilliant.

It is made for Gretsch by Victoria. That is an impressive start. But
it is the result which matters most and this is a work of art.

One of the first things I noticed was how light this amp is compared
to my posture-crushing Fender Blues Deluxe. That in itself is a great
bonus. And while I'm on that comparison, I may as well roll with it.

I have been a happy thumper with my Blues Deluxe. I love the warm
tone...still with the chime, but also with astonishingly full bass. This
is what I wanted for my lower-volume, 'round the house strumming.

The Playboy is a different animal altogether. It is designed and
built to let your guitar shine in all its glory, with nothing in the way
to muffle or color that tone. If this doesn't particularly mean
anything to you, well...just take my word for it: the difference is not
in the loudness but in the completeness and the clarity...the
Spring-fresh cool aural air.

My Gretsch 6120 sounded great before. It sounds immeasurably more
beautiful through the Playboy. The bass is not as full as the Blues
Deluxe, but I don't know many amps that match that. And, again, we're
talking 15W here. This thing is made to sing out. It's voice fills the
room more, without being louder. Every note in every chord chimes
clearly. Harmonics ring out nearly as loudly and clearly as fully
fretted chords. Nothing is lost.

And pedals sound fantastic with this amp.

It has an all-tube tremolo which brings a smile to the face. Tone
controls are smooth and effective. But this amp is not about features or
specs. This thing is about sound, and lots of it.

Pure. Crystal clear. Transparent. Sweet. Scream and growl.

The Gretsch amps are expensive compared to standard, ordinary amps.
Guess what: these ain't no ordinary amps. It's interesting that we
sometimes pay a lot of money for a guitar, but tend to find the cheaper
way out when it comes to an amp.

This is a masterpiece, as is its bigger brother, the 20W Executive.
If you are considering a good amp, much less a boutique amp, you need to
look for these things. I've played through numerous boutiques. These
amps are at the top.

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