Peavey Classic Vintage Vt Series 50 Watt Tube Amp W/ Spring Reverb And Flanger


Peavey Classic VT series 2x12" combo tube amp with 50 watts power and built in SPRING REVERB and FLANGER!!. This amp is clean sounding and loud. $220.00 for amp with original scorpion speakers and 6L6 tubes. $329 with celestion G12m Modern Lead speaker upgrade. $349 for what I call the Hot Rod Camaro package of the celestions and 2 Groove Tube 6L6GC installed.  The amp has a custom Stainless steel faceplate and an original 1970 Camaro placard installed on front.

  Amp is in very good vintage condition.  Scorpion speakers can have Baskets replaced rather than be reconed so anyone can fix a blown speaker.  The speakers appear slightly different from each other from the front because I recently replaced a basket on one speaker just to add a little depth to the sound.  This amp has AMAZING TONE!!!! 

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