Fender Champ Clone, 10 Watt Tube Head, Aa764, Champ, Fender Blackface


Fender Champ Clone, 10 Watt Tube Head, Aa764, Champ, Fender Blackface

Up for sale is a 10 watt AA764 non vibro head built by MAT7 Amplification.

check out MAT7Amplification on Facebook as well!

This is a brand new turret board style head based off the AA764 blackface champ design but beefed up to 10 watts!

14"W x 6"D x7"H

one 12ax7 one 6L6gc one 5y3 tube

controls: input jack, volume,bass, treble, stand by and main power switch then 6.3V fender glass jewel lamp

back side: 2amp fuse folder 8 and 4 ohm output jacks.  If buyer would like there is a 2 ohm lead as well I can punch an aditional jack hole and solder in a jack for no additional charge

Everything is brand new: JJ tubes, classic tone transformers, F&T and Sprauge caps, alpha pots, switchcraft jacks, new handle and corners.

Dynamic is the best way to describe this amp, with smooth cleans, more head room and a thicker warm blanket of sound with the 6l6 power tube.   Output trans is rated at 15 watts, and frigg'n huge compared to a stock 5 watt champ. 

   Negative feedback is connected, and bias on the 6L6 is mild/cool as I really didn't want to run into overstressing things. Cathode cap on the 6L6 is a sprauge,upsized to 50vdc.   I designed and built this amp for the 6L6 power tube, not as a after thought.   Red swirl turret board which holds all the caps, unlike the stock b-face champs using a can cap.   F&T caps in the power stages due to the space saving size, and quality.  Tried this guy with a solid state recto plug in a friend lent me and liked it alot.   A different feel than my tweed champs, more of a refined sound, not as "loose" if it makes sense.  Chances are if you are looking at this auction you know what these little champ amps are known for!

Chassis are 16 gauge break folded, punched and given ceramic tube sockets.   Layouts are all cad designed, and laid out life size prior to building.  Grills are hook and loop secured for easy removal with a tug for tube access.  I used repo blackface grill material and aspen wood in the front and rear frames. 

I'm a electrical & robotics tech, and my metal work is done by one of the best fab guys in I've had the pleasure to work with.  I take pride in building a solid product at reasonable prices, which will stand up to the test of time, not some tossed together amp made of left over parts from a junk drawer.  If you would like more info, photos, or interested in something built take a look at MAT7Amplification on Facebook and drop us a line.

Doing 5/ 10 watt champs, 18 watt deluxe,  single channel 1/2 power bassman's and much more.

Thank you for your time and good luck!

complete amp head only, other items shown in photos are not included. (guitars, cords, cabs ect)


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