1965 Univox Tube Amp


1965 Univox Tube Amp

  good condition  the back board is broken ( see photo)  nicks in the covering here and there.   Jenson 12" speaker   clean sound made in USA

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  • 1965 U-45B (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8) - Three inputs: "Guitar", "Acc", and "Aux", "Volume", "Tone", and "Tremelo" knobs.Foot Switch Jack , a red square power light, 12inch Jensen Speaker. The tubes go 12AX7, 6BM8, 6BM8, 6X4. 10W, All Tube, no transistors. The amp may be more than 10W, it used an interesting design where the 6BM8 tubes were both pre-amp and power amp tubes, plus worked with the12AX7 for tremolo. This sort of design is also seen in early Gibson amps. The cabinet it black vinyl with silver specks in it. The handle is more like an old suitcase than the standard Vinyl handles of most amps. The front Grill is kind of tan and brown weave, with a crome colored Univox logo in the upper left hand side (big U and then Univox in small letters slanting upwards and underlined). Heads were made in Japan as far back as 1965. Also marketed by "Cavalier", and "Hilgen" (as the Meteor) in the mid 60's. The other brand names used different grille cloths and different straps. Note that pics 6, 7 and 8 are a U45-B, but with a very different cabinet design.

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