1960’s Usa Silvertone 1482 Vintage Tube Guitar Amp Point to point W/ Foot Switch


Vintage 60’s Danelectro / Silvertone Model 1482 Amp

American built by DanElectro, this is a very fine example of the 1960’s Silvertone 1482 model guitar amp… even comes with its original footswitch! The 1482 was Silvertone’s more affordable version of the Fender Deluxe model with dual 6V6 power tubes. As you can see in the pictures the really tidy point-to-point wired chassis is very clean throughout and everything appears to be totally original and unmolested. Our electronics tech went through this amp thoroughly and everything is in 100% proper working order, including the swampy warm tremolo… which can be turned on and off with the foot switch or at the amp. I am pretty sure that all the tubes are original, they are all vintage and all have the “Silvertone” logo except for one. The vintage 6AU6 tube has the “Silvertone” logo wiped off but there are still several specks of the reddish paint on the glass, same paint as on the other RCA made for Silvertone tubes. Of special interest is that the two (white) Silvertone logoed 12AX7 tubes are stamped “Made in Holland”, so they were probably made by Amperex (Bugle Boy)… great sounding highly sought after vintage preamp tubes. All the tubes checked very good on our calibrated tube tester and function and sound great in this amp. When this amp came to us the wood in the back panel was chipping and flaking apart… it was made from a course wood flake particle board. We very carefully removed the tolex from the back panel then cleaned and meticulously removed all the old glue and chips of wood from the tolex… it literally took hours. We made a new back panel but this time we made it out of good quality plywood, instead of cheap particleboard… not only is the plywood stronger, it is also a much better choice for a cabinet in respect to tone and resonance. We glued the original tolex to the new plywood back panel, carefully matching up all mounting screw holes so that everything looks just as it did originally. I am reasonably certain that this wood back panel is now the only non-original component in this entire amp and considering that the plywood is actually a big improvement over the cheap particleboard and since it is covered in the original tolex, if anything it is a plus. I personally own a couple of Silvertone amps, so the amazingly sweet rich tone of this amp came as no surprise to me. Strat, Gibson LP, tele, PRS, this little hand-wired tone machine was very impressive no matter what guitar we put through it! The bottom line, if I did not already personally own a 1482 myself this amp would never have made it to auction, because it would have gone home with me.
Please note: We do not make money off the shipping, this unit properly packed weighs 28 pounds and the box required for shipping kicks it into “dimensional weight” calculation. Shipping cost will vary depending on how far from or how close to East Tennessee you live. The $45. insured shipping amount is what it will cost to ship to you folks out west and to most other locations shipping will be less than $45. To get a quote before you bid please contact us with your city and zip code number and we will calculate your actual shipping. After this auction ends please wait for us to send you an invoice with the corrected shipping amount before you make your payment… thank you.

“Silvertone” Logo Branded Tubes:

  • Two 6V6 power tubes ("Silvertone" USA Vintage RCA made)
  • One 6X4 tube ("Silvertone" USA Vintage RCA made)
  • Two 12AX7 preamp tubes ("Silvertone" Made in Holland, probably made by Amperex famous Bugle Boy)
  • One 6AU6 tube (USA, also probably RCA made) the “Silvertone” logo has been wiped off but there are still several tiny specks of the reddish paint on the glass, same paint as on the other RCA made for Silvertone tubes.


  • Two Channels (Mic and Instrument)
  • Two “Instrument” channel inputs & One “Mic” channel input… all are regular ¼”
  • Individual Volume / Tone controls for each channel
  • Speed (tremolo)
  • Strength (tremolo)

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UPS shipping to USA any of the lower 48 States for $45. properly packed and fully insured… shipping quoted is to the West Coast, the closer you are to us here in Tennessee the lower your shipping will be so please wait for us to send you an invoice so that we can adjust your shipping accordingly. We have been selling fine instruments and amplifiers since 1970, so you can always bid with confidence on our auctions. Interested bidders from anywhere outside the lower 48 States please email first to see if we will ship to your location and for shipping cost quote… thank you.

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